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skype gift card generator

Skype Gift Card Generator Free

Hello friends! Our team at has recently released the Skype Gift Card Generator. This tool is intended for those who do not have money to spend online or do not want to spend it. We have worked almost 3 moths for this tool to work. It connects to Skype servers and generates the exact code.We have fixed all the bugs and this is the final version.
We are not offering  you fake codes, only real one. You have to chose between $50 and $100 gift card codes that will easily be redeemable on Skype. With these codes you can buy anything what is available on Skype without any problems and easily. You do not have to pay nothing ! We are offering this chance because Skype Gift Cards are very demanded, and we manage to receive thousands of those codes for free. Click 'Generate!' at the bottom of this page to receive your unique code! After that go to your Skype account and enter the code, your balance will instantly be credited with the amount you chose.
Remember you can generate only 3 codes per day from your ip.We have a lot more $50 codes than $100      codes, so if the $100 dollar code does not work, please try the $50 code.(that will surely work)
Where our codes come from?
1.From our generator who uses the latest algorithm to generate the working codes using the hash tables.
2.From our people who participates in different promotions conducted by Skype.
3.Our team manually checks the internet (sites,blogs,forums) to find the latest unused codes.
skype gift card skype gift card

Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

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