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On great demand we are presenting IDEA TCP VPN 2014 Trick which is confirmed working in many states. This Idea TCP trick is working at very high speed as we all know Idea is one of the best 3G service provides in India. Morover with this new host there is No SIM blocking, mostly SIM blocking does not happens in Idea. There is no speed capping with this host as mentioned above you will get full 3G speed.
Moreover tricks are blocking as soon we post also because of now days all are trying to being blogger just by copying and pasting contents on there blogs , nothing matters we have already share tricks for  2014 on our blog you can found just navigating our blog or search for older post.

Features of this trick:-

  • Based on new host.
  • Working with good speed
  • Working in many States
  • Torrent Supported
  • YouTube Supported
  • Secure Connection Supported
  • Works on 0 balance
  • APN: imis

  • For Mobile User : Android mobile user can also use Idea 3G Trick with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps : 
    1. Download and extract config in SD card.
    2. Go to Google Play Store Search for open vpn for android.
    3. Install Open Vpn in your android device.
    4. Add Idea 3G Vpn Config to open Vpn folder.
    5. Run and Enjoy  :)

    1. Make sure you have NMD VPN installed on your PC
    2. Just download the TCP config (direct link provided in the trick file) and paste it into C:> Program Files:> NMD VPN:> Config folder.
    3. Connect your Idea 3G SIM with imis access point.
    4. Now instantly connect with our given TCP Config.
    5. Thats’s It! VPN Tunneling connection will be connected instantly!

    Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

    Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

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